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What is the best way to learn to cook as an amateur cook?

There are few options if you wanna learn fine dining cooking as a passionate amateur home cook, so let's compare them.

1) Offline lesson 🏠

• You have to travel to some place – very time consuming

• You have no feedback on your food when you come home

• In a few hours lesson you learn probably just a few recipes but not really cooking in general

• Difficult in COVID times

2) Books or videos on the internet 📕

• No feedback from the author at all, you cannot be sure if you do things right and how to fix problems you get on the way

• Difficult to learn from them for beginner cook without already knowing the basics, most of the time you will be just copying recipes you saw somewhere else

• Small chance to learn plating skills

3) Personal online coaching 👨‍🏫

• Personal plan for your needs and time schedule

• Place independent

• Feedback on your food from a professional chef or coach (The most valuable thing you can get when learning to cook)

• Understanding of the process of creating the dishes in long term coaching

• Massive improvement of plating skills with the option of plating together with a coach in real-time or getting personal feedback on your dishes

A few years ago I bought an electronic piano for myself and was planning to learn to play for fun at home. I did watch videos on the internet and buy some books for beginners. But I actually did not progress at all, I felt like it was just too complicated, and was not enjoying it.

After few months of struggling, I was very close to give up and sell the piano. Then I found out that one of my friends teaches how to play piano online. I was too busy to go for any offline lessons and this was a good option for me. After 2 months of working with him, I was able to play some easy songs and now with knowing some basics I am able to learn more from the books or videos.

You cannot try to create your own songs or play freestyle without knowing the basic stave, the same works for cooking

I almost quit my passion because I was not able to learn it how I wanted to. Don't make the same mistake as me with your cooking dream.

So if you are a passionate amateur cook who would like to learn fining dining cooking at home, learn how to create your own dishes and not just copying other ones and improve plating skills once for all, so you can amaze everyone in your house, apply for my coaching and lets find out how can I help you 👍

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