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How to improve plating skills as an amateur cook?

Amateur home cooks have a disadvantage against professional chefs because they have almost no feedback on their dishes from great chefs, and that is the most valuable thing you can get when you learning to cook.

But that is not the only problem when it comes to the plating. The issue I see with many people who ask me for help or even my clients is they cook something random and then try to make a nice presentation at the end.

But that is not what you should do. You have to plan your dish and prepare ingredients the way which will make a nice presentation.

Real plating skills start from creating and imagine the dish, buying the right product, preparing skills, cooking, and plating itself is just the last thing on the way. Because if you cook something random and for example, your sauce is split, the puree is grainy, vegetables are burned and not looking nice or your herbs looks dead, there is no chance to make a nice dish and you cannot really fix it with any magic plating tips.

So if you wanna improve your plating, stop focusing on the last 5 minutes of plating and learn how to create nice pieces of food and your dishes become much better.

And if you are a passionate home cook and would like me to personally help you to move your cooking and plating skill to the next level without errors and wasted time, apply for my coaching and let's make a personal plan for you.

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