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Do you struggle with equipment and space as a home cook?

I hear these problems very often that people cannot cook fine dining dishes at home because they don't have space or equipment. And I know straight that most of the time it is not the main problem.

I saw many Michelin star kitchens which were very small with 6 chefs inside and they still manage to cook and serve for 50 people. My kitchen is 2x1 meter with small prep space and I am still able to cook dishes close to Michelin star standard if I really want to.

Now you will probably say that they have expensive equipment and that is why they are able to do it.

That is also not true.

You no need things like blast freezer, paco jet, sous vide machine, dehydrator, etc. to make

really good dishes. And I can almost guarantee you that if your dishes are not good now, these machines will not help you at all.

You need just basic things like a pan, pot, knife, peeler, strainer, blender, and basic oven with any stove and that is it.

If you have all these things and you are still not able to cook proper fine dining dishes at home, there is not a problem with equipment but with your cooking skills. You don't know know how to create or adjust recipes for your situation or your kitchen. Most of the amateurs just take a recipe and try to replicate it. And if they find out that they don't have any equipment they are not able to do it. But most of the thing you can cook different way, with different techniques and equipment and end up with the same thing.

So if you learn to cook properly you will not care about any equipment anymore, you will use what you have and still cook delicious and beautiful plates.

So stop sabotaging yourself with these excuses guys and start to work on yourself if you wanna really improve.

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