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I teach fine dining to passionate home cooks so they can create their own dishes, improve plating and cook Michelin star recipes at home


About mentoring

Do you have a big passion for cooking? 

Would you like to learn how to cook dishes from Michelin star restaurants at home?

Do you want to learn professional plating and amaze everyone who comes to eat at your house?

Did you already try to cook some fine dining dishes from the internet or recipe book, but it never really works and you don't know why?


Are you just too busy looking for random recipes all the time and would rather learn how to create your own dish?

Cooking should be relaxing for you and not stressing you out and wasting time if not needed. 

Now you imagine if you learn all the basics you need. And then you could keep creating your own dishes and cook them at home like a professional chef for your friends and family. Really enjoy cooking, knowing that every dish will be delicious.

I had to learn the hard way. Worked thousands of hours in fine dining restaurants to learn to cook properly. Working 14 hours a day with no breaks in a Michelin star restaurant just because I wanted to see how it is working on the top level. Hundreds of days full of stress and hard work with one of the best chefs in the world.

But you don't have to!

With my guidance, you will be able in just a few months to learn more about fine dining cooking than most home cooks in their whole lives. 

For who is my mentoring

My 1 on 1 online mentoring is best for entrepreneurs or busy professionals who are also passionate home cooks and want to learn to cook delicious fine dining dishes at home without trials and errors in just a few months.


I will teach you everything you need to know about fine dining cooking so you can amaze everyone who will come to eat at your house.


  • I teach you how you can create your own dishes

  • I teach you how to cook without following any recipes

  • I help you to develop your own cooking and plating style

  • I help you to improve your plating skills

  • I teach you how you can cook Michelin star recipes at home without special equipment


How to start

Fill up the application below, and let's find out if you are a good fit for my mentoring.